Musings of 10-23-17

My Reel Snippets have been put on hold because of work and health (also… I haven’t finished it), so instead, let’s look at a Musing I just did about a movie I reviewed that needed some extra explanation.

Mother! May I?

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Ronin’s Top 13 Best Movies of 2016

I’m not letting the Oscars beat me this year. I’ve been thorough in trying to chase down movies of yesteryear that might slip through the cracks, but now I think I’ve come up with a list that I can be proud of. Now join me in counting down…

Ronin’s Top 13 Best Movies of 2016

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Ronin’s Top 13 Worst Movies of 2016

Here it is, everyone. My yearly cleansing. This job isn’t always easy or pleasant, but I’m still glad I get to do it in a way. I just hope that my words will strike a chord with someone who will go on to make a difference in the world of film. Without any further ado, here’s my worst of the year list. Goodbye, 2016. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Ronin’s Top 13 Worst Movies of 2016

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Pokemon: The Man Behind The Monsters

In lieu of an On My Mind this week, I’ve written an article about the creator of Pokemon, who is relatively obscure given that he launched a worldwide phenomenon. So come and learn about Satoshi Tajiri and how he changed the lives of many.

Pokemon: The Man Behind The Monsters


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Ronin’s Top 13 Best Movies of 2015

Some may say that I took to long with this list. I say that I was thorough (along with the other problems I’ve been struggling with). But I’ve kept you waiting for too long now. Let’s not waste any more time as we count down…

Ronin’s Top 13 Best Movies of 2015!!!


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New Article – Where’s the Fair Use

In lieu of an On My Mind or Scribbles this week to take you through a tumultuous upset and disquiet that has been going around the Internet. Throughout the strife and turbulence, one question has been asked again and again, one that I must now ask…

Where’s the Fair Use?


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What’s On My Mind on 1-27-16

Hey, everypeoples. It’s that time again where I boost the signal for a crowdfunding campaign. This time, though, it’s different. I’m not pushing for a celebrity or creator that has influenced my childhood. I’m trying to support an artist that I know personally that has some mad musical chops. Ladies, gents, and everyone in-between, I introduce you to Flight of Fire.

Flight of Fire

The lead vocalist, who goes by Maverick (which is her actual last name, not an awesome pseudonym), lived down the hall from me in the dorms of UC Santa Cruz and while we didn’t always hang out, we had some good times when we did. After Santa Cruz, I lost touch with her, only to find that she started her own all-girl rock band called Flight of Fire. I’ve got to say, from what I’ve heard, I’m impressed. They’ve got a sound that harkens back to the classic rock era, when your Rushes, Led Zeppelins, and Dios ruled the world. It’s a refreshing sound to have back and I think they deserve more attention.

That’s where we come in. As of now, they’ve gone to Kickstarter to help fund their new concept album, Path of the Phoenix. (Yeah, if it wasn’t obvious, Phoenix is kind of their motif.) The whole thing is said to be a story of the rise, fall, and rebirth of an aspiring artist, making it almost like a rock opera. Now there’s something that has sadly been absent from the mainstream as of late. They want to make the album and perform it live in Boston, but they need our help to do it. Check out their Kickstarter page here for more information. If you want to know more about them, check out their website and their Soundcloud and see these up and coming rock artists in their prime.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. You cried. You raged. You demanded your money back. And now I’m lighting the fires of war one last time. Without further ado, my Top 9 Worst Movies of 2015.

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Star Wars Expanded Universe: To Days Gone By

Well, here it is, just in time for a weekly update. The final chapter of the Expanded Universe series, where I look at the current and future affairs of the stories outside the movies in that galaxy far, far away. Take a look and may the Force be with you.

Star Wars Expanded Universe: To Days Gone By

Say, isn’t there something else Star Wars related happening soon…?


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Star Wars Expanded Universe: The Dark Days

We come back to our retrospective of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe in its most troubling period, where writers thought that Star Wars wasn’t taken seriously enough and needed to be edgier. If you follow comic books at all, you know how very wrong this can go. Let’s dive into the darkness.

Star Wars Expended Universe: The Dark Days


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Expanded Universe Part Deux

Guess what, everyone? You’re not just getting my Scribbles today, you’re also getting the next part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe retrospective! Read about the golden decade for Star Wars fans as fresh ideas and stories washed upon our shores. Read it all here.

May the Force be with you.


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